They’re all going to laugh at you

Meet Grace,

A spirited young girl who loves to bring a smile to every face she encounters… Grace is a showman with a flair for entertaining, she’s a natural…

Grace had an unending supply of jokes from “knock-knocks” to “chickens crossing roads” to keep everyone in stitches! Grace was like most kids her age filled with hope and wonder but one conversation and that all changed… Grace was different.

This book was written to encourage everyone who reads it to be themselves. There is nothing more beautiful than being unapologetically authentically you! To all the funny little girls and boys tell your jokes to the world because I’m certain “They’re all going to laugh at you!


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About the author.

She is a passionate and open-minded individual supported by a team of credible and committed individuals prepared to harness all their strength, availability, and professionalism to catapult the business to a greater height.

Trarina Paige is a native of Chicago, Illinois, passionate about living a life of purpose and impact. A wife to my high school sweetheart of thirty two years, mother of three amazing children.




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