P2L Production Company

We are an Illinois-based Theatrical production company. We engage, inspire, entertain and challenge audiences with ambitious visual and performing arts programs. We provide arts education programs that promote life-long learning to a diverse community, we celebrate the essential power of the arts to illuminate our common humanity.

Founded in 2016, P2L is committed to educate and cultivate performance opportunities for emerging artists and musicians. We endeavor to provide local artists with venues to display their talents, hone their craft, and become more 2 versatile performers with a diversified repertoire.

P2L has integrated into the communities that support us, our interest and encouragement we bestow upon  up and coming artists , in their creation, delivery and execution of their new work, with a focus on artistic growth and experimentation across all mediums, while fostering a widespread appreciation for the sustainability of arts in our community.

From our catalog of Stage Plays to our independent films and future projects, we’re proud that they will remind you the powerful illustration of the Theatrical Art.





301 W. Modamin St Unit 313, United States